John Mcnamara | Designated Broker | Top 1% Int. Agents


"John understands both the seller and the buyer psychology well. He pushed through (2) win-win transactions in Manson as well as Chelan- both were vacant land.
He sold 2 of our properties this past year.
He closed one transaction ten days after mutual acceptance of the property.
He resolved the other issue seamlessly in speaking with Chelan County and closed this one on the contractual date."
John is honest, trustworthy and knows how to deal with a variety of issues from land, easements and water/septic.
I would recommend him highly to any Seller or Buyer that wants to get their transaction closed in a timely manner.

-Amy W.  | July and August 2021

John was a master at dealing with the Sale of a Restaurant that I bought at the beginning of the year. He represented both the Buyer and the Seller along with private lenders that were involved. John was patient, discreet in dealing with the lenders, and sophisticated and knowledgeable in all aspects of this transaction. His experience and dedication to his clients are the best I have seen. We are thrilled with our purchase and will use John again in the future for our next purchase. It is a pleasure to know there are ethical and trustworthy Designated Brokers in this crazy time of Real Estate Sales."

-Warren S.  | March 2021

Our experience with, John McNamara was excellent. We had a very complicated transaction, and John was always knowledgeable and forthcoming.  He was able to negotiate with all the numerous people involved and found solutions no matter what arose. This is the kind of experience we needed in our transaction. I would highly recommend John, and he would be my first choice as a broker to work with.  He will be responsive, truthful, and always have your best interest at heart.  We have nothing but great things to say about John.

-Mary B.  | December 2021

"John McNamara is one of the best realtors in my opinion in WA state, he has a lifetime of knowledge in the real estate industry. He puts his clients first and can negotiate with anyone, John will always be my first choice as a realtor. Through our transaction he has become a trusted friend and advisor and not just in real estate either. He has always been up front and forthcoming when he thought we may have been asking for too much and pushed for us to reach for a little extra when we needed. That speaks to his experience that he has from if I had to guess thousands of real estate transactions. This is the kind of wisdom that we needed as we went through the selling process. I would recommend John above any other broker to work with, he will be there for you and with you along the nerve-racking road of buying or selling your property. Again, I can’t say enough for his depth of knowledge when it comes to traversing hard negotiations. I recommend to John for anyone to work with he is trustworthy and honorable.

- Thanks, Lucas Leander | July 2021

"John sold my home in one week last August of 2020 during COVID-19. Representing both buyer and seller, he took every precaution to ensure safety, cleanliness and sanitation in bringing the buyers to my home. He worked seamlessly and tirelessly with the Title Company and the 1031 Exchange that the Buyer's wanted to use at the last minute. I would recommend John as a professional, highly knowledgeable and courteous Broker in the representation of the sale of your home."

Robert H. | August 2020

"John got us the highest recorded amount of a home ever sold in Sun Cove in 2020. Representing both Buyer and Seller; he was patient, professional and was able to work with the Title company seamlessly for a timely closing in the middle of COVID-19 it to I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their luxury home in and around Chelan and Douglas County.     

Scott and Leslie B. | November 2020

"John’s patience in working with the County and the seller’s on my land deal showed the utmost of professionalism and I’d recommend him to anyone that has to deal with county personnel on property and land issues. Great perseverance! "
-Henry O. | May 2019

"John sold our home in less than 2 weeks and even with a new roof needed for the buyer, closed in 30 days". I highly recommend his knowledge and experience in the real estate market."

-John S. | April 2019

"Got me a great price on a property and completed the sale in one week. He can get things done quickly if needed and successfully represented both parties."
-Flint H. | March 2019

 "John has great perseverance and professionalism in concluding a sale that involved not only one of our orchards but dealing with the county land use process and also in representing our Lakeshore home." 
-Richard F. | March 2019

" John sold for me a highly complex property that had historically many issues and showed great professionalism determination and discretion in the way he completed the assignment we asked him to complete. He does not give up and kept in continuous communication. I highly recommend him."
-Amber B. | March 2019 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"John sold our home in Sunnyslope and went the extra mile by holding numerous open houses and did extensive advertising beyond what normal agents do."
-Mike M. | February 2019

" John has a great range of talents and knowledge, very professional, showed high integrity and determination in everything he did for us."
-Joel B. | Nov 2018

"Exercises a high degree of determination, dedication and discretion in marketing large complex properties that sometimes take a long time to sell."
-Barclay C. | October 2018

"John represented us in the purchase of our home and property on Stemilt hill in a professional and timely manner. We have used him in the past and will continue to again."
-Kim M. | September 2018 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"John’s professional demeanor in working with the seller and the escrow company helped me complete the purchase of my home in record time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to work as a dual agent."
-Clayton D. | May 2018

" John understands ranching and farming on a very large scale and works very hard for his clients."
-Randy S. | April 2018

"John has extensive knowledge of complex orchard operations and financing. He is an excellent negotiator and uses a high degree of discretion when asked to locate potential acquisitions. He is truly a real estate professional of the highest caliber and no project is too complex for him to handle."
-Jim D. | November 2017 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"Very professional represented our orchard property because of his extensive knowledge of orchards and the area."
-Steve P. | October 2017 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"Did a great job representing and presenting our properties in a highly professional manner."
-Marty P. | June 2017

"John sold my condo on the west side at the highest possible price."
-John M. | June 2017 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"John sold my home at a high price where numerous other agents were not. He professionally was able to represent both parties to expedite the sale. I would highly recommend John to anyone who needs to sell his or her home fast. "
-Tony M. | April 2017

"John has extensive knowledge across a broad range of properties and business and has the highest integrity in everything he does."
-Christy D. | May 2016 | 5 Star Zillow Review

"John’s extensive real estate development background and sales success plus his extensive CEO experience uniquely qualify him to represent both parties in highly complex situations. He is used to working with highly complex contracts and financing instruments."
- Jerry M. | September 2015

"Worked diligently to complete the sale and financing in a dual agent capacity."
-Marcus G. | July 2015

"His expertise in finding me the right waterfront home as well as other investment grade properties has been Outstanding!"
- Jeff M. | September 2014.